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1K Touch-up Pot Code 1/2

Custom mixed Vespa/Piaggio 1K paint Touch-up pot. Colour: 1/2 Rosso Federale (Red Federal). Mixed to order by our own experienced staff using high quality Lechler Paint. Mixed using Lechler formulas.

This colour has more than one shade. Standard shade is normally supplied, other shades are available. Please contact us if you require more details.

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£7.93 incl. tax


Manufactured using Lechler paint to specifications supplied by the Lechler company in Italy.

Applied to the following model:

Vespa P125X - 1984-1985

Vespa P200E – PX200E - 1984-1985

Vespa P150X – PX150E - 1985

Vespa PX125 – PX125E Arcobaleno - 1984

Vespa PK 50 - 1984

Vespa PK 50S - 1984

Vespa PK 125 -1984

Vespa PK 125S - 1984

Vespa PX150E Arcobaleno - 1984

Vespa PX200E

Vespa PX125E Arcobaleno Elestart - 1984

Vespa PX150E Arcobaleno Elestart - 1984

Vespa PX200E Arcobaleno Elestart - 1984



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